Emilia the apprentice magician (OC)

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  • Тип скина: Люди
'Whoah! This snow troll's fur would make a perfect blanket to beat the cold of the Academy'

Role Playing Game : The Elder Scrolls

Character Backstory : Emilia Silvanis, 18, was born in the city of Bruma, in the empire of Cyrodiil. She's the daughter of an Imperial army officer and of a noble Nord mother, whose she inherited her fair hair.
Her parents met as her father was serving as the commander of the garrison of Solitude. Due to her parents positions, Emilia has received a good education until her 18. Since she has always been very interested in magic, her parents decided to allow their daughter to study at the Winterhold Academy. She dreams of mastering the art of transmutation.
She eventually befriended a mysterious person at the Academy, who's stated to have a draconic bloodline. Having such a partner to explore ancient ruins during school trip is always benefitial, you never know!

Character Abilities :

Fireball : Can materialize a small fireball which can be thrown. Requires a lot of concentration
Quick learning :Due to her intensive mental training, Emilia can master new spells in record time
Tactical Withdrawal : Can get away from an unsafe situation as quick as lighting
Spontaneous Blooming : Can grow flowers anywhere, completely useless.
Evaporated Memories : Can't hold her liquor. Not at all.
Kitchen Nightmares : Is extremely bad at cooking.

Character Equipment : A long dark blue magician robe with a rope belt, leather sandals, and a magic glowing ruby amulet she inherited from her maternal grand-father who found it in an ancient cavern as he was a young adventurer. It is told to be possessed by a mighty demon.

Character Attributes :


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