The Ender Knight // RPG Contest Entry

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I know this is pretty generic, but hey, I've put off joining the RPG contest for too long already. cx

Character SheetRoleplaying Game: Minecraft...? Since he's an Ender knight?

Character Backstory: Martsk was abandoned as a child (at about age 10) with his younger sister, Khardha, in the barren stone fields of the End. They survived by scavenging on what little foliage the wild lands had to offer and hunting (and some thievery of villages). While Martsk grew crueler and more cunning, learning spells and skills of defense from village chieftains and lesser characters, Khardha grew weaker and less disposed to the violence their lifestyle forced them to practice. When the two siblings were in their late teenage years, Martsk brutally murdered the inhabitants an entire village after they refused to teach him the teleportation skills their town was renowned for. Khardha bravely but futilely confronted her older brother for his growing wickedness, but he killed her with a blast of destruction magic and threw her body into the void. Martsk absorbed the teleportation knowledge of the village inhabitants' souls and became a terrifying, but still very mortal, being with a cunning mind and a violent, impetuous nature. Always seeking to gain more knowledge (and more renown), he has begun venturing across the vast and largely unexplored terrain of the End. He does not answer to his given name and calls himself simply 'The Ender Knight', if the person who asks is not killed the second Martsk's eyes fall on them.

Character Abilities: 1. Teleportation spells, 2. Cloaking spell (lasts 2 minutes), 3. Can summon small void balls that will gradually disintegrate enemies if they are struck in the eye(s) with them, 4. Mild destruction spells

Character Equipment: 1. Armor (made with steel, but reinforced with some obsidian), 2. Sword (lightweight but hardy, although not magical), 3. Small bag of rations (dried meat, bread, and dried fruits), 4. Water canteen

Character Attributes

Strength: 30
Stamina: 17
Intelligence: 19
Dexterity: 25
Charisma: 9
Luck: 12